What does it mean NPC

In online gaming, an NPC is a non-player character. NPCs are typically used as quest-givers, non-combat companions, and other characters that exist to further the player’s experience in some way. While NPCs may not be as interactive as player characters, they still play an important role in many games. In this post, we’ll explore what NPCs are, how they’re used in games, and some of the controversies surrounding them.

What is an NPC?

An NPC is a non-player character in a video game, usually one who is not under the direct control of the player. NPCs are typically used to further the plot of the game, or provide information or companionship to the player. Some NPCs may be hostile to the player, while others may be friendly or neutral.

What does the acronym

The acronym NPC stands for non-player character. A non-player character is a character in a game that is not controlled by a player. NPCs are typically used to provide information or perform tasks for the player.

The different types of NPCs

There are three different types of NPCs in video games: hostile, friendly, and neutral. Hostile NPCs are the ones that attack the player character on sight. Friendly NPCs are the ones that help the player character, either by giving them items or information. Neutral NPCs are the ones that neither help nor harms the player character.

How to create an NPC

In computer role-playing games, an NPC (non-player character) is a character that is not controlled by a player. NPCs are typically used to advance the story or provide information to the player.

Creating an NPC can be as simple or complex as you want it to be. The most important thing is that your NPC feels like a real person with their own motivations, goals, and personality.

Here are some tips for creating NPCs:

1. Give your NPC a name and physical description. What does this character look like?

2. Write out the NPC’s biography. What is their backstory? Why are they in the game world?

3. Develop the NPC’s personality. What kind of person are they? Do they have any quirks or catchphrases?

4. Decide on the NPC’s role in the game world. Are they a friendly shopkeeper, a quest-giver, or a fearsome enemy?

5. Write up the NPC’s dialogue. What do they say when you talk to them? Make sure their dialogue fits with their personality and role in the game world.


NPC stands for „non-player character.“ NPCs are the characters in a game that are not controlled by the player. They can be friendly or hostile, and their behavior is usually predetermined by the game’s developers. While they may seem like simple objects in the game world, NPCs play an important role in many video games.

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